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Discover the HealthCare Cloud Partner Network

Why Partner?

At HealthCare Cloud our focus in on the betterment of the Industry and Community as a whole. We would rather find ways to work together, rather than compete. It is only through partnership and collaboration, that we maximise our support of the Medical industry.  

Local IT Support Providers

IT support providers looking to expand your reach to support Medical in your region? Would like to add Cloud Platform to your portfolio? Looking to extend your service capacity as a reseller, with healthy margins? 

Medical Software Providers

Medical software providers looking to showcase your capabilities? Would like to benefit from HealthCare Cloud device portability? Looking to reach a broader market?

Healthcare Consultants

Healthcare business consultants looking to broaden your option portfolio for customers? Would like to understand more of the unique technical capability of HealthCare Cloud? Interested in our roadmap and view of the future of digital health?

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