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How It Works

HealthCare Cloud Demonstration

Clinical Integrations - Live editing from Microsoft 365 and importing files into a Patient Database


Click on the video and discover the following:

Accessing HealthCare Cloud - Notifications & Self Service feature

Platform Portability - Moving the live state of an Application from a PC to an iPAD and back

Logging into a Clinic Workspace - MFA and Workspace Platform

What We Provide With HealthCare Cloud

Fusetech works with you to consolidate all of your clinical software and subscriptions into our powerful and simple to use online workspace without disrupting your business operations. Once you are operating from the HealthCare Cloud, we provide you with;


Evergreen Applications

Software currency as standard, we will keep your software up-to-date without disruption

Patient Data Transfers

Patient data transfers with our secure service and support

Cyber Security

Access management, system logging, offsite backups, multi-factor authentication & geo-blocking

Enabling the clinical staff to focus on what's Important, with the peace of mind that the critical IT systems are available and secure.  

Microsoft 365

Managed and integrated Microsoft 365 capabilities including shift management

365 Support

Comprehensive support services and associated services agreement

Direct Scanning

Cloud document scanning using our encrypted direct scan technology

Digital Health Enablement

Access the latest Digital Health Services and integrations as they become available

Application Services

Application & Integration services for your choice of clinical software

Mobile Workspace

The ability to provide clinical services across multiple sites, in a mobile capacity and in field settings

Scroll through a view of operations on HealthCare Cloud

A closer LOOK

Accessing Your HealthCare Cloud

HealthCare Cloud

Additional Sign In Security 

Your Workspace

Your Applications

Integration Examples

The Evolving Eco-System

Where is my data?

Managed Microsoft 365

Teams for Telehealth

Enhancing Operational Capability

Example 1

A General Practice business operating from a single building moves across to HealthCare Cloud and is able to expand operations. The Clinic takes these steps on HealthCare Cloud:

  1. Starts providing part-time out-patients services from a local hospital and aged care facility using their portable digital health workspace;

  2. Takes on more clinical staff;

  3. Provides mobile clinical services and supports a wide region with the most up-to-date Practice Management Software and integrated digital systems (like Online Booking);

  4. Opens additional clinics with the ability to access the common patient database and digital systems.

Example 2

A Health Co-Operative business operating within a region moves across to HealthCare Cloud and is able to optimise and stay operational during a pandemic. The Co-op takes these steps on HealthCare Cloud:

  1. A clinical facility of the Co-op is shut due to staff infection - Clinicians healthy enough, are able to access the Co-ops workspace from home and provide Telehealth Services; 

  2. Patients are able to stay at home even after their Telehealth appointment, as the Co-op delivers scripts electronically utilising PHN preferred eRX. (with the participating pharmacy offering home delivery)

  3. In direct response to increased virus testing a temporary field clinic is established to reduce potential staff infections in co-op facilities. Using mobile data services all digital health capabilities are available in the field clinic;

  4. As the impacts in the Co-ops region are lessened, the Co-op provides outreach to a neighbouring region and is able to operate with all the capabilities present in their home region.

Trust Fusetech to work with you to develop the technology strategies you need to deliver excellent clinical services 

Access your HealthCare Cloud from any internet browser

  • Review the latest technical notifications;

  • Take care of any individual or group service needs; and

  • Sign In to your prepared and customised workspace 

HealthCare Cloud MFA

Choose to secure clinical access even further through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

This optional security addition to HealthCare cloud adds another security layer to help mitigate the risks associated with unauthorised access.  

HealthCare Cloud Workspace

Once signed into your workspace:

  • Identify your Online username and the time remaining before your password expires;

  • Access help (?) and support if you need it; 

  • Access any linked services through your customised Tabs; and

  • Select the Application you wish to open, from the selection of your clinics software.


Applications open the same way as they would if locally installed on your personal computer (although they run from your dedicated Fusetech HealthCare Cloud server).

This makes it possible for applications only designed to run within a Microsoft eco-system (like BP Premier) to operate on MAC along with Android and iOS.

HealthCare Cloud also supports the seamless transition of the same open application between accessing devices (e.g. A clinician can launch an application from HealthCare Cloud on their desktop, then switch to an iPad without interruption to the application).  

HealthCare Cloud BP

Fusetech ensures that your applications are up-to-date with databases backed up


With Business OneDrive integrated into HealthCare cloud, clinical staff can securely move synchronised, large files in and out of your Applications.

HealthCare Cloud BP

OneDrive coupled with SharePoint, Teams or Office365 Email allows for the secure transfer of large files.

  • Scenario 1: A patient emails an image, the clinical staff then move the image directly into OneDrive (without downloading it) where it can be accessed in BP Premier.

  • Scenario 2: A corresponding Practice is given a restricted SharePoint folder, locked by their email address and password to upload a patient file (rather than mailing a CD or USB drive).

  • Scenario 3: Clinical staff transfer a Teams telehealth recording (at the consent of the patient) to OneDrive for upload to the patient file.

Secure Messaging

Benefit from a rich messaging eco-system and provide your patients with a coordinated healthcare experience, from pathology to pharmacy scripts.

HealthCare Cloud BP

Fusetech will integrate and maintain your clinical software with as many compliant service providers as needed to ensure a seamless experience.

HealthCare Cloud BP

An Infographic view of the integrated HealthCare Cloud - constantly evolving and integrating with the latest in Digital Health.

HealthCare Cloud

HealthCare Cloud has been designed using Open Standards - To ensure compliance with future Digital Health Capabilities

Your primary data is stored within the Equinix CA1 facility in Canberra ACT.

HealthCare Cloud DC

CA1 is a highly secure and resilient data centre design primarily for Government use.


Fusetech owns and exclusively manages all of the racked Infrastructure used to deliver HealthCare Cloud services. 

Fusetech administers Microsoft 365 for your business  - giving you the business tools and integration to keep you efficient and secure.

1 - comes with office.png

Comes with Office

Stay up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.


Learn more >

2 - email and calendaring.png

Email and calendaring

Connect with customers and coworkers using Outlook and Exchange.

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3 - chat, call and meet.png

Chat, call, and meet

Keep your team on the same page with group chat, shift management, online meetings, calling and more! In Microsoft Teams.

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4 - cloud storage.png

Cloud storage

Manage your files from anywhere with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

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Fusetech will work you to get the most out of all of our services. In this example, we have modeled a robust 'video' telehealth (remote patient) workflow using Microsoft Office 365 Teams. 

HealthCare Cloud Telehealth

Operating within the HealthCare Cloud will result in your Clinic inheriting capability that otherwise would not have been available.

HealthCare Cloud OV1

Because HealthCare Cloud packages all the digital health services needed to operate into a Digital Health Workspace, new operational scenarios become available.

Not ready to simplify the administration in your business, work more efficiently and flexibly while gaining access to the latest technology and Incentives? 

Why not download our report to learn more;

"5 Amazing Secrets to Setting Up Your Own Clinic"