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Fusetech is an Australian owned and operated cloud technology provider located in Canberra, ACT.

We are focusing our efforts on creating awareness about IT problems and complexities that exist for health businesses

across Australia and solving them through the benefits of HealthCare Cloud.

Through our expertise and technology, we strive to create digital health enablement for health businesses across Australia.

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Fusetech has been operational since 2015 and was started by three like-minded Government Architecture and Service Delivery experts, driven by the desire to make positive impact through years of experience and expertise.


Through engagement with Health Business and Community Care Nursing,

Fusetech discovered many IT shortcomings and disparate systems across the industry and was determined to simplify and optimise the experience healthcare practitioners received from there technology.


The Fusetech team leveraged years of Federal Government experience to address the many IT complexities and legislative and regulatory requirements in the sector and developed

the HealthCare Cloud platform


Our team is highly qualified and ready to support you in optimising your Medical Practice today.

Through the personal networks developed through extensive careers, the Fusetech team has leveraged the best industry specialists in Australia, providing you with the most comprehensive support needed to access the latest technology.


All Fusetech support and services are delivered within Australia, with engineering expertise based on Australian requirements and solutions.

We look forward to working with you

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