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Medical IT Support

Enhanced Through HealthCare Cloud


Growing Practice

8+ Users

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Up to 2 Users

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Established Practice

15+ Users

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What Do You Get With HealthCare Cloud?

Application Hosting

Optimised for Medical

Optional MS365 Tenant

Managed Services

HealthCare Cloud is an integrated platform that delivers a full view of all your practice and office applications, allowing you to manage all aspects of your Clinic without the need for on-premise IT systems.

Through your selection of clinical and practice applications we deliver all the software capability required through a secure online portal, enabling you to operate any time, anywhere at a fraction of the cost.

Why HealthCare Cloud?

Optimised & Simplified Operations

Designed for doctors, practice teams and patients all catered for by our integrated platform, facilitating the streamlining of common clinical tasks

day one.


Technologically Advanced & Accessible

Enables doctors and practice teams to treat patients in a fixed office or while mobile, enabling you to access the full view of your practice applications wherever you are.

Increased Financial Performance

Offers value for money with no up front costs and hidden expenses, leaving you to focus on running your practice and maximising your financial benefits.

Business Continuity


Designed to be highly resilient to system failure, ensuring that appointments wont need to be cancelled if a system failure occurs.

How can we help your Medical Practice?

Make the switch today and remove the complexities in managing your own expensive IT systems and support personal and realise the benefits of our ready built, up-to-date healthcare platform.

Start Experiencing The Benefits TODAY!

Email Integration

Save time following up letter correspondence direct from your PMS with our email integration

Evergreen Applications

Never worry about an update, upgrade or software integration ever again with our in-built support service

365 Access

Have greater control of your working day, with our access anytime - anywhere workspace capability

Direct Scanning

Save time with your document scanning with our encrypted direct scan technology

Secure Data Transfers

Experience hassle free patient data transfers with our secure service and support

Device Portability

Enjoy the freedom of movement by seamlessly transitioning to a mobile device and continuing your consultation wherever it takes you

Optional Microsoft 365 

Save time and take control of your documentation with optional
Microsoft 365 services

Cyber Security

Enjoy peace of mind with our expert cyber support and documentation for practice accreditation

Mobile Workspace

Reach a larger patient base, through the ability to support mobile, after hours and at home care

Optional MS365 Business Tools 

1 - comes with office.png
2 - email and calendaring.png
3 - chat, call and meet.png
4 - cloud storage.png

Stay up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more

Connect with customers and coworkers using Outlook and Exchange

Keep your team on the same page with group chat, shift management, online meetings, calling and more! In Microsoft Teams

Manage your files from anywhere with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Office Apps

Email and calendaring

Chat, call, and meet

Cloud storage

Switching to HealthCare Cloud is simple and personal

With a team that will work with you throughout the process, we ensure that switching over is easy, as we do all the heavy lifting.

What our customers say

Front Desk at Clinic

General Practice - ThriveGP

Throughout COVID-19, the HealthCare Cloud capability has made it possible to setup in new locations quickly. I would definitely recommend HealthCare Cloud to other businesses.

Medical Consultation

I needed to work for myself as I have small children and really needed flexibility, which I just couldn’t get elsewhere.

Specialist Practice - Dr Rosie Worsley

Case Study

Your partners are our partners

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HealthCare Cloud is vendor agnostic and retains an up to date best-of-breed selection of products.

Memberships & Partners


Gold Member


Microsoft Partner



HealthCare Cloud Demo

The Only All-In-One Solution

Experience the capability of HealthCare Cloud Today!

Not ready to simplify the administration in your business, work more efficiently and flexibly while gaining access to the latest technology and Incentives? 

Why not download our report to learn more;

"5 Amazing Secrets to Setting Up Your Own Clinic"

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